1. 'Packaging' is understood here to mean sales packaging or primary packaging: it is the packaging which is designed so as to constitute, at the point of sale, a unit of sale to the end-user or to the consumer. It is the packaging provided at the point of sale by the distributor at the time of sale for products sold in bulk or cutting.

2. You can register as a Distributor and issue free packaging requests for your business for redistribution without charge.

3. You may register as an advertiser to promote a brand, product, service, concept, character or message.

4. The Advertiser must ensure that the object of his/her promotion does not fall under a prohibition or a limitation and does not infringe any regulations within the target area.

5. When an Advertiser responds to a request, he/she is required to provide packaging in accordance with the characteristics indicated in the request. However, he/she may freely determine the general presentation, the nature of the coating and the package branding.

6. From the date of the reply, the Advertiser shall have a period of one month to make the said packaging available to the Distributor. Failure to comply with the delivery deadline may result in suspension or cancellation of the Advertiser's account.

7. After delivery of the packaging to the Distributor, the Advertiser is invited to give his/her opinion about the Distributor. This notice remains attached to the Distributor's account and is accessible to all Advertisers who wish to respond to a future request published by this same Distributor.